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Travel to Cinque Terre, although somewhat trickier than other desitinations in Italy, can be easier than you think. The best way is by train - the Trenitalia Pass (or now known as the Eurail Italy Pass) is an excellent solution for traveling within Italy and to get to Cinque Terre. But check out the article below for more information about Getting to Cinque Terre.

Check back to find out the latest travel tips, places to stay, music and cultural event tickets, how to tip in Italy, and best deals relating to travel, including all types of rail passes and hotels and pensiones.

Browse the page about guided tours, both within Cinque Terre and other Italian destinations.

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In the meantime, please feel free to browse through our site. You'll find yourself making a reservation and hopping on a plane to Cinque Terre pronto!

When you are ready to travel to Cinque Terre or any other part of Italy- just remember, one of the most wonderful things about the Italians is - when you try just a tiny bit to speak their language, they will fall all over you with joy. Even if it's just to say "Gelato please?" ("Gelato, per favore") So, for an easy way to get started speaking their lyrical language, check out our Learn Italian page.


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Don't stop with Cinque Terre, visit Venice - city of dreams and romantic delight.
Venice can be a source of romantic delight for you and your travel partners. This famous city will give you a perfect taste of enchantment and allure.


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Riomaggiore - Cinque Terre - Terre


Manarola - Cinque Terre - Italy


Corniglia - Cinque Terre - Italy


Vernazza - Cinque Terre - Italy


Monterosso - Cinque Terre - Italy